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[MMD] Pretty Please? (Tales of Graces F) by SakuraNights [MMD] Pretty Please? (Tales of Graces F) :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 7 1
The Time of Our Lives (part 9)
Ratchet and Clank
Summary: Ratchet and Clank experience many adventures, big and small, in their lives. One thing is for certain, however: they will be together through it all. (Word prompts and snippets)
Genre: Friendship
Rating: T
Characters: Ratchet, Clank
For all of the dangerous stunts his friend pulled, it seemed that Ratchet did listen from time to time. He had taken extra steps to assure they had proper equipment on board before heading out anywhere, as well as triple-checked the supplies list, too.
Ratchet was also loathe to admit that his freestyle way of thinking wasn’t always the best, and he made it a point to passive aggressively follow safety protocol, regardless of the situation.
“Ratchet, we are approaching the surface at a rapidly increasing rate.
:iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 3 0
Project Pro Skater Vol. 3 Promo by SakuraNights Project Pro Skater Vol. 3 Promo :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 5 4 Yo, It's Totally My Birthday (2018) by SakuraNights Yo, It's Totally My Birthday (2018) :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 7 13 [MMD] JUST FRIENDS by SakuraNights [MMD] JUST FRIENDS :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 5 0
Wake-Up Call
Detective Conan/Case Closed
It's past midnight, but the elusive Kaitou Kid has indirectly asked Conan to meet with him outside. Whatever it is, it must be important... right?
Rating: K+
Characters: Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi, Kaitou Kid/Kuroba Kaito
The ringing sound started out small, hard to discern from a dream or reality. But as gently as the noise had started, it quickly turned into a cacophonous piercing in his right ear. Conan bolted upright in bed - brutally ripped away from his peaceful sleep with a gasp - and frantically searched around the room for…
    A bomb?! A sniper??! Where’s Ran--!!
He suddenly stopped when he realized that, loud as the ringing was, Kogoro hadn't so much as stirred from his own slumber. The man was already a heavy sleeper, but even he would startle awake at such a sound. Further assessing his
:iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 6 0
[MMD] My Cantarella by SakuraNights [MMD] My Cantarella :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 2 0 My Personal Male MMD Model! by SakuraNights My Personal Male MMD Model! :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 6 0 It All Will Fade To White by SakuraNights It All Will Fade To White :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 14 0 LOOEEGEE by SakuraNights LOOEEGEE :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 43 5 Tales of Secret Valentine 2018 by SakuraNights Tales of Secret Valentine 2018 :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 10 5 Mob Valentine 2018 by SakuraNights Mob Valentine 2018 :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 2 2 TOME RPG Main Cast by SakuraNights TOME RPG Main Cast :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 10 17 Clori-Eden - MP100 Giveaway 2nd Place by SakuraNights Clori-Eden - MP100 Giveaway 2nd Place :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 4 3
A New Story
Summary: This is a story about two artists - one is an older man who was famous for his beautiful art before he sadly lost the ability to create, and the other is a young man who is still trying to find his balance and style in art and in life, all while dealing with difficult issues at home at the same time.
Of the many places that could be used for inspiration, 15-year-old Daniel chose the one place he disliked the most. For unconscious reasons more or less, or so he told himself. It was not the worst place to go when struck with the unquellable urge to create, but there was only one aspect of it that he found himself feeling disdainful towards.
In particular, it was that man.
From the very first time he arrived at the park, the man was there. As though he blended in perfectly with the scenery, the tall, brown-haired man was always present, just as the misaligned benches, the small fountain in the center, and the unevenly cut grass were. Sure, other people sh
:iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 2 0
DjXRex - MP100 Giveaway 6th Place by SakuraNights DjXRex - MP100 Giveaway 6th Place :iconsakuranights:SakuraNights 10 6


Yugo and Amalia by WhitedoveHemlock Yugo and Amalia :iconwhitedovehemlock:WhitedoveHemlock 264 36 Happy Birthday! by Khylimei Happy Birthday! :iconkhylimei:Khylimei 13 7 You've Got Mud On Your Face by Panoodles You've Got Mud On Your Face :iconpanoodles:Panoodles 9 1 The STRONG by CoranKizerStone The STRONG :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 1,203 85 (MMD Model) White Bomberman Download by SAB64 (MMD Model) White Bomberman Download :iconsab64:SAB64 27 8 Windows100% Kurisu Makise by Xoriu Windows100% Kurisu Makise :iconxoriu:Xoriu 64 2 Prince Sorey by SenlitheringMe Prince Sorey :iconsenlitheringme:SenlitheringMe 49 8 Florist by hatori0322 Florist :iconhatori0322:hatori0322 33 6 MMD - (DL) Ragnarok Online Poring War Arena by DesmondChan MMD - (DL) Ragnarok Online Poring War Arena :icondesmondchan:DesmondChan 24 2 Gunslinger Iris!! by peeape Gunslinger Iris!! :iconpeeape:peeape 282 76 Happy 10th B-day, sweetie! by Ney-tiko Happy 10th B-day, sweetie! :iconney-tiko:Ney-tiko 47 7 [MMD] PKMN SM/USUM Ultra Pack: Part 1 - DL- by bechnokidMMD [MMD] PKMN SM/USUM Ultra Pack: Part 1 - DL- :iconbechnokidmmd:bechnokidMMD 42 19 Beast of the Sea Shirt by Robo-Shark Beast of the Sea Shirt :iconrobo-shark:Robo-Shark 84 17 [MMD] Circular Saw for DL by AbyssLeo [MMD] Circular Saw for DL :iconabyssleo:AbyssLeo 79 5 (MMD) Ratchet Download by SAB64 (MMD) Ratchet Download :iconsab64:SAB64 38 26 (MMD) Clank Download by SAB64 (MMD) Clank Download :iconsab64:SAB64 30 9





Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hiya! Name's Rebecca, nice to meet you! ^^

About me? Well, I can tell you a few things:

:bulletred:Drawing is my greatest love, and you know how they say "A girl's best friend is a diamond"? Well, my best friend is a pristine, blank sketchbook, and nothing would please me more...

:bulletblue:...except maybe a new video game! I've played video games since I was very small, so obviously I would enjoy them! XD

:bulletred:I like reading a lot, it's a good hobby and makes it easy to pass the time :D

:bulletblue:Did I mention I love music? It plays one of the biggest roles in providing me with enough inspiration to create beautiful pictures. Yup. Music is great. :3

:bulletred:I love to write! I've gotten into it relatively recently, and hope to improve in the future!


Favorite genre of music: Alternative rock is good to my heart ;)
Favorite style of art: Anime/ manga is my top fav, but I am always open to other works!
Favorite characters: Arataka Reigen (my HUSBANDO), Yuri Lowell (OTHER HUSBANDO), Karamatsu Matsuno, Edward Elric, Kaitou Kid, Shouta Aizawa, Steven Stone, Wes/Leo
Personal Quote: "Victory is always mine."


Buy me a coffee, won't you? ;D
Buy Me a Coffee at

Follow me on Twitter, YouTube, AO3, and Tumblr, too!

Updates to my account, Munchlocke, etc.

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2018, 1:34 AM

Hey all! It's been a while since I wrote a journal like this, huh? Sorry about that; when you get busy with life, things have to be moved aside to make room, right? Oh yes, and Happy Easter/April Fool's Day! This journal is not a prank, so just relax and enjoy the ride! :)

So, onto the updates! This past week up until today, I've:

:star: Left and unwatched some 50+ or so groups. I (or the group) was either inactive or didn't suit my interests anymore.

:star: Deleted all of my convention cosplay pictures. This is my art gallery, not photobucket or Facebook, so I'll be keeping my photos specifically for those kinds of sites.

:star: Moved a ton of deviations to the "Scraps" folder. I didn't really have the heart to delete any of them, so there they went.

:star: Installed new journal skins. Not that there was any issue with the ones I'd been using, but I felt like I'd been using the same ones over and over lately. Time for some variety!

:star: Deleted my previous deviations with commission prices information. I will be releasing updated commission prices later, but for the time being, don't hesitate to message me if you want to buy some art~!

:star: Alphabetized my gallery folders for easy-to-find access!

With that being said, for my Nuzlocke fans, I've moved all of my "Munchlocke" Nuzlocke story to the "Scraps" folder. I am so sorry to everyone who was reading it and enjoying it, but due to some IRL business, I will not be continuing the story. I may make another Nuzlocke sometime, but that one has been ceased for an indiscernible amount of time. The story IS still in the "Scraps" folder of my gallery if you wish to enjoy it, but otherwise, I give my sincerest apologies. I had a great storyline plotted out for it and everything, and it breaks my heart to have to step away from it.

What's that? I haven't been drawing much lately? Nonsense, I draw all the time! Perhaps you haven't peeked at my Twitter page? I post miscellaneous art pieces there! Currently, I'm in the middle of the TOME RPG Backers Challenge! Ignited by Kirbopher's chat room participants, anyone can take on the challenge of drawing each and every backer character that's added to the game! I've got a sort of TCG-theme going on, so hey, take a look, why doncha? And while you're at it, feel free to check out my other shit-posting sites!………

:heart::heart::heart:Buy Me a Coffee at

Journal History

I will be using the "Draw this Again" meme soon! Which of my older drawings should I redraw first? (check links below) 

17 deviants said I Have to Save Him..! by SakuraNights
12 deviants said The End of the Battle by SakuraNights
10 deviants said Theme 17- Somewhere by SakuraNights
5 deviants said Something Worth Fighting For2 by SakuraNights


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