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Commission Information

Choose whether you'd like digital or traditional art. I can create fanart or draw your own OCs. All drawings created (both digital and traditional) will be in full color TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. You may also choose to have a lineart/inked (no color) picture for your own coloring purposes. I will NOT create linearts of official images. All drawing options listed here include as many characters as you want in the picture. It's your drawing, after all! (*Note: Once again, please provide any and all links you can for reference images of each character, including the front, back and small details.)

~Linearts/ink(no color): $13

~Head shot: $11

~Head and chest/bust shot: $12

~Full body (with a pose, including action poses): $15

:star:All extra characters (making the total number of characters in the picture more than 1) in the picture will be an additional $5.

All drawings except for linearts come with a full color background. HOWEVER, IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PICTURE WITHOUT A BACKGROUND, I WILL SUBTRACT $1 FROM THE PRICE (this does not include linearts, as linearts do not come with backgrounds).

Please provide FULL details of everything you would like in the picture!!


Peachy4ever Commission part 1 by SakuraNights SHINOBI by SakuraNights I Have to Save Him..! by SakuraNights Munchlocke Title Page No Logo by SakuraNights Just Stop by SakuraNights


You have the choice between felt and tshirt fabric. To distinguish between the two (and help you pick which style you want), I created brief descriptions for each of their uses:

~Tshirt fabric: For lots of playtime (good gift material for children!), and good for decorative uses. Can be used for cosplay goods, too. Easier to tear if handled to roughly.

~Felt: Tougher material that can be used for play time and/or cosplay purposes. Makes great decorative pieces (Not intended for younger children).

When purchasing a doll, please provide as many reference pics as possible (front and back, close ups of accessories, full color).

All dolls/cosplay based items (i.e. pokeballs): $30 +$5 shipping
:star:SPECIAL: Add on a fully colored, laminated drawing of the doll for an extra $5!! (*Note: The $5 deal must include ONLY the character/object the doll is based off of. Any other characters to be added will cost the regular priced $10)

Please note: Due to the nature of fabrics, the dolls and/or cosplay pieces can easily be torn if handled too roughly!! As with my policy, however, you can send the doll back to me for repairs and touch-ups for free. All dolls and cosplay pieces will be sent home with care instructions! Dolls made with tshirt fabric are stuffed with polyester fiber filling and vase beads [link] (CHOKING HAZARD IF BROKEN!!) unless you'd rather they aren't.


Peachy4ever Commission part 2 by SakuraNights New Geno Doll (Super Mario RPG) by SakuraNights Yuri Lowell- Plush Doll by SakuraNights Link- Plush Doll by SakuraNights Cucco- Plush Doll by SakuraNights

Commissions Progress

:iconcommissionopen1::iconcommissionopen2:… Paypal Stamp by artist4com

If you have a commission, view its progress here:

<no commissions in progress at this time>




POKE-CHALLENGE (tagged by Sir-Herp)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 20, 2015, 12:10 PM

Egads! I've been tagged! Normally, I don't respond to tags, but this one is too good for me to pass up, haha! Tagged by :iconsir-herp:

Make a journal featuring fanart of your top six favorite 'mons.
List reasons why they're your favorites.

Draw each of them. 
Tag 1-5 friends. (Get to know them better!)

Psypokes for compact official pic refs and easy dex number ref
Veekun for a compact list/dex of every Pokémon ever
 <- Code to display their menu icon: 
<**img src="http**://" />
(delete the ** and replace the 0 with their dex #)


So my top 6, eh? Alrighty, let's give it a shot!

+Espeon+ by Suzuii

I had known about Espeon from Silver and Crystal, but didn't truly start caring about it until I played Pokemon Colosseum. Espeon was like a powerhouse in the body of an adorable cat! Espeon remains my most favorite Pokemon to this day.

Full Of Pikachu by Willow-San

I don't quite remember when I fell in love with Pikachu, but it's been a big part of my pokemon-loving life since I was very young. It's adorable, loves apples, ketchup, flowers, and can be sassy when it wants to be! And just look at that picture, OMGGG X'D

Lapras by Sumu-Zu

I began loving Lapras, I'm certain, around FireRed. It's cute, majestic even! It's pretty, helpful, and very strong. And yes, I would love to ride one. :)

victini by kori7hatsumine

The Victory Pokemon, I immediately grew attached to this little guy when I first saw him in White. I have a catchphrase that I've said for years: "Victory is always mine!", so this pokemon became somewhat of a mascot for me! He's small and cute, and fire type (one of my favorite types)!

Bulbasaur Painting by purplekecleon

Bulbasaur has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine, since Red version! Too cute for words, and as he evolves, the bulb on his back grows into a beautiful flower! Such a little sweetie, and I always had a soft spot for him on the tv show.

Blaziken by All0412

Since the days of Ruby and Sapphire, I always had trouble deciding between Mudkip and Torchic (I didn't really care for Treeko until a little later on in life), and, as much as I love Swampert, as soon as I met Blaziken, I was sold. Look at this pokemon! He's so cool, fire and fighting type, and man is he strong! When Mega Blaziken was introduced in XY, it never left my team.


Tags? Well, I've never been good at tagging, so if you're reading this, then step up to the plate, because you've been tagged! :D

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Anime Expo 2015 Pics are up!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 1:01 PM…
At 2:20, I'm the Pascal cosplayer, and my little sister is Sophie!
:star:… :star:

UPDATE: So I got my hands on some of the pictures from the con that my mom took of my little sister and I! I uploaded them and sorted them out as such. And for those that complained about the TOME panel pictures being blurry, well, there are the autograph session pics from the day before, which are much clearer! Enjoy!

Sorry for the colossal spam in your inboxes! I had put out a poll recently to see if people would mind whether or not I uploaded my pictures from Anime Expo this year, and saw that there was no problem. :) 

I didn't want to destroy my gallery, so I uploaded them to their own individual folder, away from the "Featured" section. I spent about 2 hours getting all this together!

If you're wondering why I'm not in any of these photos, it's because I was the one taking them (of course)! There are pics of me around, but I myself don't have them. 

I had an absolutely wonderful time at AX this year, and even got to spend lots of time chatting, hugging, and taking pics with the cast and crew of TOME! Blake Swift did something very kind for my little sister and I, too. Definitely awesome people! I had to leave early on Day 4, as it's a 2 hour drive home, so there weren't many pictures from that day.

That being said, I'll start preparing for next year ASAP! And the people of TOME inspired me to try even harder, so expect to see more content from me very soon!

:heart:Love you all!! :heart:

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AX 2015 Day 3- Blake Swift and Chris Niosi by SakuraNights
AX 2015 Day 3- Blake Swift and Chris Niosi
Selfie with me, my little sister, Blake Swift (Alpha), and Chris Niosi! Freaking love these guys! Blake did something very kind for my little sister and I, then he and Chris starting singing the TOME theme songs for me! Unfortunately, they weren't caught on camera (we thought they were, but only the very end was caught). :iconkirbopher:


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hiya! Name's Rebecca, nice to meet you! ^^

About me? Well, I can tell you a few things:

:bulletred:Drawing is my greatest love, and you know how they say "A girl's best friend is a diamond"? Well, my best friend is a pristine, blank sketchbook, and nothing would please me more...

...except maybe a new video game :iconimhappyplz: I've played video games since I was very small, so obviously I would enjoy them! XD

:bulletred:Sometimes, I'll take out my ocarina and play for a while. I can't really play any instruments, but with the ocarina, at least I can enjoy myself when I'm alone. :)

:bulletblue:I like reading a lot, it's a good hobby and makes it easy to pass the time :D

:bulletred:Did I mention I love music? It plays one of the biggest roles in providing me with enough inspiration to create beautiful pictures. Yup. Music is great. :3


Art is all around us! Everyone has some artistic ability, some just have to search harder for it. :heart:

Favorite genre of music: Anything really, as long as it sounds awesome and (if it has lyrics) is not very profane.
Favorite photographer: Charles Moore... stunning photos of our country's history in pure black and white...
Favorite style of art: Anime/ manga is my top fav, but I am always open to other works!
Favorite cartoon character: Luke fon Fabre, Yuri Lowell, the Ninja Turtles (especially Donnie!), Naruto, Edward Elric, Sonic the Hedgehog, Link, Mario, LLoyd Irving, X, Cloud Strife, Zack Fair, Tomoya Okazaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Akio Furukawa, Youhei Sunohara, Simon, Kamina, Lucy, Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, Black Star... the list goes on :3
Personal Quote: "Victory is always mine."

Journal History

Should I post pictures of cosplays (mine and people I see at conventions) here? 

12 deviants said Yes
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