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DIGITAL ART ONLY AT THIS TIME. I can create fanart or draw your own OCs. All drawings created (both digital and traditional) will be in full color TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. You may also choose to have a lineart/inked (no color) picture for your own coloring purposes. I will NOT create linearts of official images. All drawing options listed here include as many characters as you want in the picture. It's your drawing, after all! (*Note: Once again, please provide any and all links you can for reference images of each character, including the front, back and small details.)

~Linearts/ink(no color): $13

~Head shot: $11

~Head and chest/bust shot: $12

~Full body (with a pose, including action poses): $15

:star:All extra characters (making the total number of characters in the picture more than 1) in the picture will be an additional $8.

All drawings except for linearts come with a full color background. HOWEVER, IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PICTURE WITHOUT A BACKGROUND, I WILL SUBTRACT $1 FROM THE PRICE (this does not include linearts, as linearts do not come with backgrounds).

Please provide FULL details of everything you would like in the picture!!


Peachy4ever Commission part 1 by SakuraNights SHINOBI by SakuraNights I Have to Save Him..! by SakuraNights Munchlocke Title Page No Logo by SakuraNights Just Stop by SakuraNights

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 3:31 PM


First off, here's to a Happy New Year!! 2016 is going to be a good one, I can feel it!

Second, sorry for the depressing journal before. I had been working and doing chores that day and was worn out, and seeing my tablet not work was, essentially, the stick that broke the camel's back. ^^;

That being said, I may be getting a new drawing tablet sooner than I expected, which really makes me happy! Until then, whatever drawings I can make, I'll draw traditionally, take a pic, then lineart over the photo. This is the way one of my friends does it, so it should work out alright for me. I WON'T be doing Munchlocke this way, though. Unfortunately, the pages are on hold while I get the situation figured out. In the meantime, I'll create more panels so I can start drawing right away as soon as my new tablet gets here!

Also, I've been working on something special for my MMD aficionados, so look forward to that, as well!

:heart: Love you guys! :heart:



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Munchlocke- Update with Behind the Scenes by SakuraNights
Munchlocke- Update with Behind the Scenes
Exactly as Sen says at the top, I've got a lot of things I can't wait to show you! These things won't be released RIGHT AWAY, but I'll make sure you don't have to wait TOO long for them!

I've separated the different pages with blue lines so they're easier to see. The first block, with just lines and speech bubbles, I actually make it all myself! And I make them up as I go along! Well, I have a synopsis of my story thus far, but Munchlocke strays from what I'd originally written down... often, might I add. Heck, Lucas was going to be kinda spazz-tastic, too! And Sen was going to be indifferent, or something... Haha...

You can find me on the Nuzlocke forums, too! Check it out here:…
Read the recent page here (as of this post): Munchlocke Page 15 by SakuraNights
Munchlocke Page 15 by SakuraNights
Munchlocke Page 15
First off, a HUGE thank you to :iconsir-herp: for lending me his tablet, so I could actually work on this! Everyone say thanks!!

Wow, it's been a long time coming! I'd wanted to have this out before Christmas, but technical difficulties forced all projects to be put on hold. Now, until I get my own tablet, I'll be using his... or if he asks for it back sometime, idk.. :'D

I thought I'd go ahead and skip the whole "catching pokémon tutorial" thing, which Lucas/Dawn will show you in-game. This was a nice grumpy Lucas twist on that, I suppose. Also, he knows something... right? And yes, he is in Jubilife. For the sake of the plot, let's just say he wants to hurry up and get this "adventure" over with, haha. ^^;

I noticed that not a lot of Nuzlockes show too much of the "mother" character in their games. While I won't be showing her much more in my story, I thought I'd add this little bit to her character, to show that yes, she does care, and yes, Sen cares also (two things that go against what ROWAN JUST FREAKING TOLD YOU STOP BEING FRIENDLY WITH NPCs GAWD).

Aaaand we meet Barry's mom. Now, I've seen this discussed once before: Barry has such a cool dad, Palmer, but his mom is just so... generic. :| Kinda sad, but oh well. I decided to give her a little something, and made her eye color a tad darker than Barry's, so she at least shares SOMETHING with her son (even though he's like a carbon copy of Palmer, haha!).

Does Sen look a little different to you? Like... better, maybe? That's because I've been practicing flipping the page horizontally to correct eye-placement mistakes, and adjust their bodies if they're leaning to the side. I like this style, everything just looks so much more... right! :)

Sorry it took so long to release this lame excuse for a page, but I PROMISE you, within the next couple pages, we will meet our newest team member, and things will start taking off! I'm so excited! Please bear with me, and look forward to it! :D

Happy New Year, all!

Cameos: :iconhironinja: :iconsir-herp:
Textures Credits: :iconbakenekogirl: :iconr2krw9: :iconmagicalpouchofmagic: :icongradient-textures:

Check out the behind-the-scenes of this page! Munchlocke- Update with Behind the Scenes by SakuraNights

Munchlocke Page 14 by SakuraNights <--Previous
Next--> Coming Soon!
Secret Santa Tales of by SakuraNights
Secret Santa Tales of
Secret Santa gift for :iconameliayap: for the group :icontalesof:

Thank you for waiting so long! In case anyone is wondering, :iconsir-herp: lent me his tablet so I could get stuff done! Yay!

I've never drawn any Tales characters before (besides quick sketches and whatnot), so I was worried about how this one would turn out. I feel like I wouldn't do them enough justice, since they're all so GORGEOUS!

I haven't played Tales of Xillia 2 yet, so I don't know too much about Fractured Milla, but I will speculate, I noticed that she doesn't have the wispy green part of her hair... can't wait to play it and see what that's all about!

Her outfit was really complicated, and I was drawing it, all I could think was "wow, this looks nothing like it!", but once I started coloring, the outfit looked much better to me! I also love her pretty hair and eyes! :)

Merry Late, Late Christmas!!

Texture by :iconloitumachan:
Merry Turtle Christmas! by SakuraNights
Merry Turtle Christmas!
Very late Secret Santa gift for :iconclaudia1996:!! I'm so sorry it took so long! Technical difficulties put a major delay on this... XP

Created for the group :icontmnt-secret-santa:

claudia1996's request was for pretty much anything (as long as Mikey was in it). I had a different idea originally, but after my tablet bid me adieu, I had to revamp the idea entirely (well, almost. I had 2 different plans). I actually had another version in the making, but had to scrap it and start from scratch.

You may notice that this style is a little different. This is due to the fact that I've switched to my older tablet (that I've owned for many a year). I found out that the cord I bought for my now broken tablet works perfectly with my old one! But it does work differently, so drawing with this one is still kinda awkward.

Despite that, I had fun with this one (it's always fun with Mikey)! :D Michaelangelo is here to fill in for Santa! I love dressing him up!

Have a wonderful new year, everybody!

Splatter brush tool: :iconsjham61:
[MMD] Unbreakable- MOTION DL by SakuraNights
[MMD] Unbreakable- MOTION DL…


Here, I put all of my knowledge of how to use MMD to the test. I've made many MMD videos so far, but for the first time, I'm giving back to the MMD community with my very first motion made from scratch! This is dedicated to :iconureshiiiiii:, whose motions I've used so many of, as well as her beautiful motions being an inspiration to me to try my own! Also, it was her birthday a few days ago, so yay!

Due to this being the very first motion I've ever made, there are probably lots of mistakes. If you use this motion, feel free to make any edits you want so they suit your models better. I feel like some of the camera motions were repetetive and didn't move so well, but I guess that's how it goes when you're an amateur at making MMDs from scratch, haha!

This motion went through many phases. I started with the Animasa MEIKO model for the lip and facial motions. Once those were done, I placed the facials onto my Luke fon Fabre and Yuri Lowell models... and had to make LOTS of edits! Seriously, I've never seen eyebrows or lips move that way! XD I then tested them on my Princess Midna model, as well as a few others before I was finally satisfied. Next, I found and downloaded these beautiful TDA Miku models. I absolutely LOVE her TDA look, and the little black and white dresses are so cute! I used the Miku model for the head, arms, hands, and upper body motions. Her right arm got all twisty, so I had to go back in and fix it nearly frame-by-frame, so if any part of her right arm looks or moves strangely, that's the reason. X)

I hope lots of people use my motion! I'm very excited to finally be giving back to the community, and with the experience I have now, I hope to make lots more motions in the future! I already have a few plans, but am open to suggestions! :)


-Credit me if any part is used (camera, motion, lip/facials)
-Link back to me (I would love to see what you make!)
-Edits to any part of this motion are allowed

:star:Download Here:…
:star:Password Hint: First name of Fireflight's lead singer



-TDA Miku Hatsune (black/white dress):… (:iconambientghosty:)

-Black Stage (Stage04):… (Hachi-fun)
-White Stage (Stage01):… (Hachi-fun)

Hand poses:… (:iconfloramy:)

Song: "Unbreakable" -Fireflight

Effects Used:
-KiraKira Black
-Cheap Lens
-WorkingFloor X
-SelfOverlay Soft


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hiya! Name's Rebecca, nice to meet you! ^^

About me? Well, I can tell you a few things:

:bulletred:Drawing is my greatest love, and you know how they say "A girl's best friend is a diamond"? Well, my best friend is a pristine, blank sketchbook, and nothing would please me more...

...except maybe a new video game :iconimhappyplz: I've played video games since I was very small, so obviously I would enjoy them! XD

:bulletred:Sometimes, I'll take out my ocarina and play for a while. I can't really play any instruments, but with the ocarina, at least I can enjoy myself when I'm alone. :)

:bulletblue:I like reading a lot, it's a good hobby and makes it easy to pass the time :D

:bulletred:Did I mention I love music? It plays one of the biggest roles in providing me with enough inspiration to create beautiful pictures. Yup. Music is great. :3


Art is all around us! Everyone has some artistic ability, some just have to search harder for it. :heart:

Favorite genre of music: Anything really, as long as it sounds awesome and (if it has lyrics) is not very profane.
Favorite style of art: Anime/ manga is my top fav, but I am always open to other works!
Favorite characters: Yuri Lowell (my HUSBANDO), Edward Elric, Donatello (TMNT 2012)
Personal Quote: "Victory is always mine."

Journal History

I will be using the "Draw this Again" meme soon! Which of my older drawings should I redraw first? (check links below) 

8 deviants said I Have to Save Him..! by SakuraNights
5 deviants said The End of the Battle by SakuraNights
5 deviants said Theme 17- Somewhere by SakuraNights
3 deviants said Something Worth Fighting For2 by SakuraNights


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